James Fallon
B.S., M.A., Major, New Jersey State Police (Ret.)

About James Fallon

James FallonJames Fallon had a long, distinguished and productive career in the New Jersey State Police, retiring as Major and Commanding Officer of the Investigations Section, which consists of the Violent Crime Bureau, the Computer Crime & High Technology Surveillance Bureau, the Forensic Investigation Bureau, the Casino Gaming Bureau, and the Applicant Investigation & Compliance Bureau. As the commander of these assets for over three years, Fallon was responsible for the direction and administration of over 400 members in 33 different units at various facilities throughout the state. During that time, Fallon fostered collaborative efforts with law enforcement and private sector partners at the Federal, State, County, and Municipal levels, resulting in many positive and successful accomplishments.

During his decorated tenure with the NJSP, Fallon determined the strategic course of many statewide criminal investigative efforts. He utilized his extensive experience in all aspects of criminal investigation as an undercover operative, surveillance specialist, interrogator and case coordinator, to provide the appropriate resource allocation to accomplish goals of investigative initiatives in the areas of narcotics trafficking, organized crime, homicide, missing persons, auto theft, crime scene investigation, computer crime, child pornography, illegal hazardous waste transport, vice, human slavery, and homeland security.

James FallonFallon has led many other special investigations during his NJSP career, including conducting internal investigations regarding criminal and administrative violation allegations against members within the ranks of the New Jersey State Police.

Fallon has broad experience in all facets of command operations including investigations, internal affairs, project management, and human resources. He is a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Human Resources Development & Training from Seton Hall University.

Now Fallon brings his twenty six years of law enforcement experience and established relationships to the private sector as the principal officer of Fallon Associates Investigations and consulting. This firm of former law enforcement professionals will provide private investigation and consulting services of the highest caliber, with an integrity and dedication factor second to none.